In more depth

A career in the world of music involves hard work and self discipline.

First of all a musician must spend time ‘practicing’ every day.

  • On your instrument if you are an instrumentalist/singer.
  • Upgrading and developing production techniques if you are focusing on production.
  • Improving compositional and arranging techniques for composers.
  • Many combinations of the above and more

Secondly to be ‘heard’  an active musician must deal with admin on a daily basis.

  • Networking, reading musical blogs, reaching out to contacts and getting your music ‘out there’
  • Answering queries, emails etc
  • Searching for promoters/agents
  • Social media presence
  • looking for gigs/clients
  • maintaining a musical web presence.
  • being on top of relevant technologies that can impact positively on their art

Thirdly musicians need to be working with other musicians as much as possible.

  • Rehearsals
  • Performance
  • Producing
  • creating


The easiest way to prioritise and navigate through all the ‘to do’s’ is by focusing on finding one’s own musical voice. This sense of musical ownership will be reflected at every level…be it performance, social media, a showcase, the musical contributions at a rehearsal,  and much more. This is because uniqueness and individuality always shine through.