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production, performance, lectures, workshops and master classes

Mark has been producing and composing for over 40 years. He has Platinum and Gold credits in these fields. Mark has led various successful  bands and performed at multiple venues and festivals over the years, including Montreux, Glastonbury, North Sea Jazz Festival, the Festival of Peace, Kazan, Russia and many more.

Together with teaching  bass, guitar, music theory and music technology at institutions internationally Mark also offers unique master classes for professional musicians on the ‘Harmonic Codes’. The Harmonic Codes are the emotional skills that musicians must employ in order to consistently deliver high quality performances regardless of any limiting situation they may find themselves in.

In 1998 Mark co-founded the first Palestinian (from Gaza)  Israeli band in the world, WhiteFlag. The band worked for over 10 years and performed internationally in Russia, Europe and the USA. The WhiteFlag experience was a real ‘rock n roll saga and led to Marks ongoing commitment and engagement with music as a tool for social change.

Together with his more ‘traditional’ career as a musician, Mark has been working with music in the field of peace building, social cohesion and wellbeing through music. Mark sits on the advisory board of Heartbeat Jerusalem; HEARTBEAT unites musicians to bridge division and promote a culture of listening, respect, and cooperation. Mark also works with Beyond Skin in Northern Ireland as a workshop leader, facilitator and producer. Beyond Skin are creative Innovators in Peacebuilding: “Enabling the Arts as the dialogue to assist the development of a more peaceful, equal and intercultural society free from racism & sectarianism.” Mark delivers workshops lectures and master classes to multiple institutions internationally on the importance of music as one of our strongest human assets to promote wellbeing and support the ongoing struggle to create a safer, gentler and safer world.

With the deep belief and a commitment to develop tools that can enable anyone to reap the benefits of actively making music, Mark together with his business partner Stewart Redpath, created MindHarp. Mindharp is an app and web based platform that allows anyone to engage actively with music. MindHarp is used by individuals for personal wellbeing through musitations (musical meditations) in peace building and similar activities as a tool to support dialogue and self expression. MindHarp is also used by domestic and professional carers in the world of people living with dementia, in the field of neurological music therapy focusing on neurological issues such as strokes and paralysis and with people facing a wide range of learning disabilities.

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