WhatFlag — L.S.R
Release date : 2Jan2. ,
Label : JAMAA
  1. Desert Salt
  2. Maurice
  3. Human Way
  4. Makeshift
  5. Spirituality


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WhatFlag was formed when Gani and I relocated to the UK in 2011.

WhatFlag presents cutting edge, inspiring, boundary pushing sounds, originally born in 1998 in the Middle East under the name of WhiteFlag, a band formed by three musicians from Gaza and three musicians from Tel Aviv.

WhatFlag are: Gani Tamir (Tel Aviv) Vocals/Vocal Trumpet, Mark Smulian (Tel Aviv) Bass/Composition, Gianni Cossu (Sardinia) Guitar, Myke Vince (Bristol, UK) and Jools Scott (Bath , UK)   WhatFlag today is about trying to blur ‘borders and boundaries’ in their music and the musicians allow themselves to take on the Duke Ellington attitude of ‘ if it sounds good it is good’.

Whatflag’s music is part funk and blues, jazz and Middle Eastern and some more.


Human Way fro the CD L.S.R