Lydianstream Music Academy 

The official music academy site is in development  and will be online by the end of summer 2017

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Music Academy


I have been working as a pro musician, producer and teacher for close on 40 years now and I am passionate about music and musical sound.

I work with musical sound and the codes of behaviour within the world of Lydianstream 

On this site you can check musical projects from the past, the present as well as future plans. 

Including events, lectures and performances.




Soundscape therapy

Pro-active interaction with sound to stimulate innate emotional awareness

Soundscape therapy offers a way for anybody to ‘make’ music and reap the emotional rewards of actively participating in creating sound.

By working with the Lydian Mindharp™ anybody can make music and quickly access pathways to reducing stress and generally enhancing our sense of well being.


The Lydian Mindharp-

Self Development