At Lydianstream we have developed the Codes of Behaviour™, a powerful system that upgrades team performance and strengthens personal communication and interaction skills.

Lydianstream harnesses the power of our brains ‘music-centre’ in a simple and accessible system.

  1. We have codified the behaviours that have to be demonstrated to achieve high-level teamwork  (and high quality music-making)
  2. We use musical sound as the key to experience, practise and reinforce high-functioning group and individual behaviours
  3. We aim to increase collective and individual EQ (Emotional Quotient) and demonstrate this through objective measurement

For the last 20 years, this system has been applied in the fields of conflict resolution and the upgrading of team behaviours in groups, organisations and businesses. It is used directly for relieving stress and anxiety and provides a fresh approach to developing and enhancing mindfulness.

We employ the Lydian MindHarp™ and App we designed that allows anybody to engage with musical sound. This allows the participant to truly understand the real time event that is music making and transfer these emotional understandings to any team in any place.

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