The Lydianstream Music Academy website is under construction

The music academy will be online in the autumn of 2017.

Below are some videos and blog posts, tips and more focusing on music making and developing our own musical voice.

Our focus- 

Finding our own voice in the world of music is how we stand out in the crowd

It is easy to forget that making great music needs about 70% emotional technique and 30% physical technique.

The Lydianstream music academy is about a hands on approach to developing your emotional technique together with your physical technique.

  • Discover your own individual musical voice
  • Understand the connection between science, music and emotions and how this can impact directly on the quality of your musicianship
  • Unique practicing tools that empower every musician to embrace their uniqueness-that ‘thing’ that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.
  • For all musicians: instrumentalists, vocalists, producers, teachers and music industry professional


Based on the Codes of Behaviour, the mature emotional skills that musicians must employ in order to create great music, I have developed practical exercises laid out in a series of courses that offer a clear and hands on approach to developing vital music self awareness and communication tools that are the driving force behind letting the music lead.

The Lydianstream Music Academy will present courses, interactive lectures, workshops, tools, downloads, webinars and one to ones  in performance, practicing, producing, teaching, music theory all with a strong focus on discovering your own, unique musical voice.


Please check out this PDF. A short handbook for musicians laying out how to recognise and incorporate the vital emotional skills musicians must employ together with their physical technique in order to consistently make great music. Following the handbook are the 3 audio files that accompany the handbook.

 1) Respect

 2) Responsibility

 3) Listening


Production: working with a client (what they don’t teach you in music school)

The first time I asked the E.Q (emotional quotient) question

Pro bass lesson 1

Pro bass lesson 2

Pro bass lesson 3

Pro bass lesson 4