I move between two closely connected worlds

  • The pro music world- Performance, Music production, Teaching…( In mid 2017 the Lydianstream music academy will be online-videos, exercises and much more focusing on finding our own musical voice)
  • The world of Musical sound-Pro-active mindfulness, soundscape therapy and team-tuning (Check out Lydianstream)



I have been living my life as a professional musician since the age of 16: As a performer on bass, guitar and lots of other stuff. As a producer I have worked with hundreds of artists and been fortunate to win some awards, but actually some of the best projects I have been involved with are not those that necessarily won accolades. I have been working the digital domain since the mid 1980’s on DAW’s and enjoyed the massive shift from the analogue world to digital and the way these worlds have become entwined with one and other. Do a lot of composition for all sorts of things-songs, film, incidental music, inter-disciplinary projects, soundscapes as well as developing the unique sound approach for the Lydianstream system and the Lydian MindHarp©&® 

I am also the founder and developer of the Lydianstream system that recognises, adapts and transfers the unique mature emotional skills used in musical performance into non-musical situations; increasing team awareness, peace building, conflict resolution and mindful interactions between people collaborating on any style of project.

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