We offer one on one private lessons for anyone around the globe-

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Dedicated lessons:

length: 1 hour

Price: £40

  •     Bass lessons
  •     Guitar lesson
  •     Theory lessons
  •     Music production lessons

Music project support and consultation:

length: 1-2 hours

1 session:        £65

2 sessions:      £55

3+ sessions:    £50

Below are some examples of issues that I consult and advise on-

  • Production
  • Performance
  • Rehearsals
  • Music and group dynamics
  • Project development and support
  • Administration
  • Practicing/Time management
  • Song writing/Development


If you have any questions please fill in the contact form below.

We offer flexible work hours up to 3 times a week.


  • ‘Here at BIMM Bristol, we were honoured to have celebrated English musician, producer and educator, Mark Smulian, visit us on 13th February for a fascinating and philosophical Masterclass which really caused us to look inwardly at ourselves as musicians….’


  • ‘…I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Our conversations led me to a mindset that kept me high and strong and able on my tour in Slovenia. The musicians who invited me there are on a level I had never met before. If not for our conversation I would probably find any excuse to run away. Keeping your thoughts in mind, I found ways to work with them and a way to quickly reach their  level and gain their respect and friendship. After that tour it feels a lot of things have changed and my entire being feels elevated by this experience. I feel it as well in the new chances/expectations people around have from me but it does not scare me, because I carry your words with me and it allows me to be sharp and look for the good and function better.’                                                                                                               David (Vidi) Dolev-Vocal coach@extreme vocal training, lyricist and songwriter 


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