Mark’s passion for using music as a tool to build profound connections and catalyze reconciliation is demonstrated through the valuable skills and experience he brings to Salaam Shalom’s schools project


‘I just wanted to say how inspirational our talk from Mark Smulian was’ – Natalia, student in the Lower Sixth

A great many agree with her. In an attractive mix of musicology, psychology, theology, history and personal anecdote, and not least through non-threatening audience participation and his own performing, Mark shared with us fascinating insights into human harmony (and the lack of it), an experience invaluable for both the non-musician and music specialist alike. Above all, in the workshops, assembly and presentations, he weaved in the centrality of emotional skills – or ‘codes of behaviour’ as he calls them – to social and political events, not just to the creative arts. Original, memorable, inspired, he comes highly recommended!

Revd Philip Harbridge, Chaplain, Millfield


 Here at BIMM Bristol, we were honoured to have celebrated English musician, producer and educator, Mark Smulian, visit us on 13th February for a fascinating and philosophical Masterclass which really caused us to look inwardly at ourselves as musicians.


On behalf of the city of Rosh Ha’Ayin and the Rosh Ha’Ayin Music Center I am hereby honored and delighted to recommend Mr. Mark Smulian. Mr. Smulian is an outstanding musician, educator and thinker.

A testament to his achievements as a musician can be easily traced in his long, rich and varied history of countless recordings, performances, productions and compositions. These include some of the most successful achievements in both the artistic and commercial field.

Mr. Smulian has been a teacher of music, specifically bass guitar, lead guitar, style, performance practice and ensemble in our institution for 3 years. The impact that Mark had on our students and their families is outstanding and rare.

What sets Mark apart from most music educators is his unparalleled capacity to introduce the subject of music in a unique and philosophical manner. Apart for his unwavering quest for professionalism, Mark is a great thinker always redefining the commitment and responsibilities a musician has to society.

Mark also developed his own approach and methods regarding the essence of ensemble playing which are delivered in fascinating lectures and lessons. This approach has proven to be suitable not only for musicians but also for working groups of any kind and I would dare say humanity at large.

I am proud to be able to recommend Mr. Smulian and I encourage you to explore his tremendous talent and infinite care for education in the spirit of music.

Meir Serrouya Ph.D. Executive Director, Rosh Ha’Ayin Music Center,Israel.


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