Lydianstream system

The LS system is for all musicians and recognises that top level musicianship is not only about about great physical technique but also a high level of emotional technique; The Codes of Behaviour are the mature emotional skills all musicians must employ in order to find their own musical voice and develop a ‘signature’ sound.  The LS system presents a clear path that incorporates dedicated techniques and  tools for improving one’s musicianship across all fields, presented in a series of ongoing video lessons and courses for all musicians.

The LS system is not about re-learning techniques but rather about incorporating deep understandings regarding music, emotions and science into each musicians existing technique.

Sound and emotion impact directly on ‘finding your own voice’ as a musician. In todays world professional musicians often find themselves more involved with admin: promotion, social media, finding gigs and so much more, musicians often don’t have time to actually work on all the elements that go into making music. Whether it’s rehearsing with the band, practicing our instrument, composing or producing music. If we are not involved in working on our music every day, then it is very hard for us to grow as musicians.

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